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Will Silva

I, Will Silva

Senior Graphic Designer, Typographer, Web Designer, and Art Director.

For over 20 years, I have worked in prominent agencies across Brazil, Australia, and Portugal, where I developed campaigns for significant global and local clients.

Throughout these years, I have earned national and international awards, and my work has been featured in specialized publications. This journey has been shaped by experiences, practices, and experiences that have led to this exciting new challenge.

BMW, Natura, Bco Itaú, Harley Davidson, Nike, Chrysler, Jeep, Vivo, Vitarella, Shopping Flamboyant, Livrarias Saraiva e Cultura, Eucerin, Nivea, ADCOS, EOS, Kimberly Clark, McDonalds, Boch, Instituto Akatu, Ong Vaga Lume, Cerveja Avós, New Balance, Ideas Zarvos, Lopes, Café Pelé, Diário de Notícias, Chevrolet, Eucerin, Pousadas de Portugal, Opel, TAP Airlines, Vitae, Worten, Coral, Frize, Siemens, Tesla, Qantas Airlines, Microsoft, Epson, Faber Castel, Credicard, C&A, Unibanco AIG, Lupo, General Brands, Nestlé...

Formação Acadêmica
EBAC - Bridge Creative Arts 
UX/UI Design
Design Thinking, UX Research, Project Design, User Prototype, Interact Design, UX Writing, User Interface
Belas Artes University of São Paulo
Graphic Design
City East Community College (Sydney)
Fotography History, Techniques and Revelation
Awards and Publications

Se bebeu, Vá de Taxi_

Cannes Lion_

Antral (Portugal) Serviços_



Ceia de Natal_

CCP (Clube Criativo de Portugal)_

Banco Alimentar ONG_


A Cidade Também Pede_

CCSP e Revista Archive_

Jeep Grand Cherokee Carros_



Personalidade Revista Folha_

Cannes Lions (Short List) CCSP e Revista Archive_

Harley Davidson Roupas e Acessórios_



Arte e Propaganda_

Revista Folha23

Gráfica Pancrom Instucional_


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